Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So Sunday's 18 became Monday's 17.71...

  1. Sunday = Monday when it's a 3 day week end
  2. 18 = 17.71 when an electrical storm has finally caught up with you (see below)

(this pic was grabbed from the West Seattle Blog, it was taken from the west tip of Alki, facing southwest, as far as I can tell, the lightning leads strait down to the western most point of Lincoln Park - click the photo for more pics)

...so yeah here's the route I ended up running http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1287438

... as soon as I rounded the north eastern tip of Alki Ave. I could see lightning all across the western horizon. As I continued along Beach Drive, through Lincoln Park, and up Marine View Drive I was thrilled to see it was clearly headed our way. By the time I hit mile 16 the storm had finally caught up with me, first with heavy rain then shortly there after lightning, bright and impressive (especially for Western Washington standards). Initially I decided that I would stick it out and complete my original route, after all, having been raised in Minnesota surely I had remained out doors in worse electrical storms, but then 2 things happened... first I realized that I wasn't entirely sure where my turn around point was, I had thought when I mapped it that it would be at the McDonalds on California Ave but now, for some reason, I was doubting my self, particularly when I crossed Spokane Street... second, while my mind wandered trying to remember my route, I all of a sudden tripped on the side walk sending me flailing about while trying to remain up right. I managed to stay on my feet but, as a result, managed to put my legs into major discomfort, they were, of course, already tired, stiff, and sore, and now to be forced into positions that even fresh legs wouldn't have enjoyed... well, that was cause for some audible frustration and the decision that I had gone far enough. These 2 things, coupled with the fact that I probably shouldn't have been out side anyway led to me calling it a night.

...as for the rest of the week, the schedule will be thrown off due to Sunday becoming Monday... as it reads I should be doing 6/8/6, Tues/Weds./Thurs. but I can almost guarantee that I'll have no interest in running tomorrow morning... so perhaps I'll skip that run altogether and see how I'm feeling come Wednesday, if all is ship shape maybe I'll run to work... we'll see...

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