Thursday, January 24, 2008


...a few things...

I've officially decided NOT to run a 50K race this weekend... I had initially signed up for it after I had to drop out of one in mid December due to the passing of my cat, but in the time since then I just haven't maintained enough weekly mileage to feel well enough prepared... I instead have opted for the 2 lap 19.2 miler instead. THIS is the race.


I threw down a nice 7.7 miles last night on a route that I sort of piece mealed together from 2 different routes... here it is. The run was nice, though the weather was cold (by Seattle standards anyways) and I was able to clock in with a fairly decent pace despite not really pushing myself. (Which leads me to this thought...)


I'm starting to believe I may actually have a shot at my 3:30 marathon goal. if you had asked me while I ran last night how confident I was feeling that I could do it, you won't have received a very positive response. All through out the run I assumed I was going pretty slow, and though it wasn't incredibly labored, I thought that I wouldn't be able to maintain a much faster pace. Turns out, after crunching the numbers, I was running at a 8:05 minute/mile pace, and, like I said, it wasn't that labored. In my mind, that tells me that if non-training Nic can run (almost) 8 miles at a 8:05 min./mile pace, a well trained, dedicated, and motivated Nic has a shot at running 26.2 miles at an 8 min./mile pace. Of course, over 3 times that distance at a slightly faster pace is quite the challenge, but with about 4 months of tempo runs, hill repeats, and speed training while averaging about 42 miles a week, I think it's possible.

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