Monday, February 11, 2008


Had a great run in the early evening yesterday, 16.5 miles in 2:20:37 (or about 8:30 min/miles). My route took me from West Seattle, over the lower bridge and Harbor Island, on to East Marginal Way, through the city's water front, and then on to the walking trail that runs through the Olympic Sculpture park, Myrtle Edwards Park, and Elliot Bay Park, and finally turning around when I got to the base of the Magnolia Bridge (here's the mapped out version of my route). I particularly enjoyed this route as I had never been through any of the previously mentioned parks, there view were stunning and the parks as a whole seemed very clean and well maintained... below are some images from along the route...

(the city's water front)

(Olympic Sculpture Park)

(Myrtle Edwards Park/Elliot Bay Park walking trail)

...the temperature during the run was very comfortable for this time of year but unfortunately the wind was blowing pretty strong against me almost the entire second leg of the run. When I got home I was greeted with sausage, 5 cheese, baked mac & cheese fresh from the oven (yes, I know, my wife spoils me), after eating I jumped (more like slowly crept) into an ice bath for 10 minutes, warmed up, and proceeded to enjoy a quite evening at home.

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