Friday, March 07, 2008

So I contacted Seattle Parks and Recreation today in regards to organizing a 6 hour "race" in Schmitz Park on the course that I've been running recently. I've wanted to set up some sort of "race" since having run Pigtails Run back in January, it just seemed so low key and friendly. Initially, I contacted Sam Thompson (read about his 51 marathons in 50 states in 50 days for Katrina victims HERE) who put on a 12 hour run in Carkeek Park in North Seattle last year. I asked Sam what, if any, restrictions the city or parks dept. had on this kind of use, he replied the next day with plenty of valuable information. I love how small the running community makes the world seem, I mean, I was just reading about this guy 6 months ago! Anyways, he suggested that no matter what I get in touch with 'Parks and Rec.' but also said that his event last year was able to remain fee free by keeping the field limited to 25 or less participants, which is what I was hoping to do anyway. So now I'm waiting for a reply, the system said it usually takes 2 weeks to reply to inquires. I've also started generating a really generic web site for the event if it's able to happen, feel free to take a look HERE, but again, it's very generic right now. If you are interested in helping me out with this, have any suggestions, or are interested in possibly running this event, leave a comment below, I'm going to need help manning an aid station of some sort and will need an accurate way of measuring the loop as well, so there's that...

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Jonathan S. said...

Possible Names for Your Race:

You Don't Know Schmitz Race
Bacon Race