Tuesday, March 04, 2008

(So I said "more tomorrow" so here's what's more...) If all goes well over the next month and a half I will officially qualify as a Marathon Maniac (I can tell you're excited) by having completed 3 marathons (or ultras) in 3 months...

2/24 - Yours Truly 50K
3/29 - Green Lake Dizzy Daze 50K
4/13 - Mt Si 50 Mile

...when you figure I could get the same status by running 33.8 fewer miles (ie: 3 marathons = 78.6 miles where as 2 50K's and a 50 miler = 112 miles) it seems a bit silly. Honestly though, I wouldn't have it any other way, as the Maniacs page say "you’re out there running ultras because you truly want to run the distance, not to pad your stats!" I couldn't say it any better!

Since deciding to run Mt. Si yesterday, I've already shifted my attitude from doubt to confidence, after having read a few race reports and knowing how well "trained" I went into the "Your Truly" I'm fairly confident I'll be ready for this as well.

Tonights run will probably be another hours worth of loops through Schmitz park (that's what I did Sunday night... did I mention that? Meh, whatever).

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