Monday, May 19, 2008

(OK, I'm gonna attempt to start writing more regularly again, hopefully I keep it up this time...)

This past week end I was able to address a running issue that I must admit has had me feeling quite limited as of late. (I'd guess that) For the past 3 months or so I've been running in one of 2 things, Brooks Cascadia 3 trail shoes (which I adore) or incredibly worn down street shoes. This has meant that almost every ('training') run I gone on has been through Schmitz Park, I love running through Schmitz but when I feel like I don't have any other option (that don't involve a drive) it's not as appealing. I'm by no means broke (and I feel very grateful for all I have - really!) but the amount of money I have to throw toward running (race fees, gear, etc.) is usually less than I'd like it to be, so when I see a way to cut corners I generally jump at the opportunity. This week end provided one of those opportunities. The Brooks outlet stores were having a 'truck load' sale and I managed to get my self 2 pairs of shoes at $30 a pair, I'm sure there are many valid reasons not to buy running shoes from outlet stores but to be honest, I just don't care, I needed new shoes and this was a way to get 'em.

On Sunday I went out for 6 miles of road running, something I haven't wanted to do in months. It was different, it was also good, I needed this option again, I needed to feel confident on pavement. Next month I have 2 marathons 2 weeks apart, both 100% pavement and I'm officially 'cramming' and I'm pretty excited about it too. I know being rejuvenated by buying shoes is nothing new but I'm glad that's still enough at this point in my running...

(I'll write more tomorrow... I know I just kinda rambled... sorry...)

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