Friday, June 13, 2008

F you belly!

(the title should be read like Terrance & Phillip saying "Screw you, buddy")

So my deepest, darkest secret, the thing that irks me more than anything else is my stupid pot belly. I don't obsess about it, I don't stare at it in mirrors constantly, but, I must admit, it does irritate me. It's been there for as long as I can remember and I've made no significant attempt to rid myself of it... well, today I say "no more!"

No more being content to be a skinny guy with a pudgy gut, no more 'sucking it in' at opportune moments, and no more feeling guilty for wanting to get rid of it. I'm tired of people telling me I shouldn't worry about it because I'm 'in shape' and I'm tired of telling myself I can eat what ever I want because I run. I'm fully capable of being healthier and in better shape than I currently am and the only thing that keeps me from being so is laziness. If I can run for 9+ hours, I sure as hell can do 20 minutes of abs each day. Also, I don't need to eat until food is coming out my ears, I love food and will continue to, but no more of this gorging like it's a sport, there's no reason for it, it's unproductive and, in the big picture, wasteful.

I'm not down on myself (or anybody else for that matter), in fact, to the contrary, I'm actually feeling quite empowered, much like running a marathon, this is something I can do by putting my mind to it. No, I can't think my gut away, but with proper training and dedication I can be gut free.

No more I tell you, no more!

Below is a photo from the Seattle Marathon in Nov. '07, yes, the shadows are working against me but honestly, I look pregnant...
Next, I've over exposed the shot below to show what usually manages to hide...

(by the way, this topic is not up for discussion, if you don't think I have a gut, that's great, you're wrong)

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Jonathan S. said...

I can't believe this! Does this mean, FOR SHAME, no more bacon?!