Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grandma's Marathon (short)

....there is so much to say on this subject and there is no way to say it all right now, so, as usual, here the short of it until I can get pics up loaded and stories straight...

All started out well, I got to where I needed to be and felt prepared.
I finished in 3:55:23, a personal worst... you never hear people call 'em PWs do you? Well, I ran a PW.
I officially feel like a wuss when it comes to heat and humidity.
I know I made (plenty of) mistakes out there, I just have to figure out what they were exactly.
Having nothing to do with the results, this was the worst I've ever felt after a run... my legs were fine but I had awful stomach cramps and nausea a few hours after the race that lasted into the night.
I'm still happy I ran Grandma's, I'm happy when ever I get to run a marathon, but this sort of solidifies the fact that I prefer low key events.
I hope to have a full report up tomorrow.... we'll see...

(Here's the pictures took, I refuse to pay $40 per digital image so this is as big as you'll see 'em)

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