Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I saw the doctor today, something I'm rarely inclined to do, in regards to some right foot nerve pain. I had read online* that the pain and/or 'pins and needles' feelings I was getting could be the result of bone spurs, it's not what I suspected, but never the less, it was enough for me to be willing to have a professional take a look.

When I told the doc my symptoms he suggested that it could be stress fractures, this hadn't crossed my mind prior but now that it was mentioned I became nervous. I know what stress fractures mean, namely, no running, that was not an option I wanted to consider.

I was able to get a couple x-rays taken of my foot, and a quick look from my doctor reveled nothing. As it stands right now, it seems to be just an inflamed or pinched nerve, either way, my doctor not only said I could continue running but encouraged it, not as a solution to the nerve issue, just because "that's great!" I hear stories online all the time about medical personnel discouraging running, I'm thrilled to have a doctor who encourages me to keep it up and I'm also thrilled that (for the time being *knock on wood*) I can continue to.

* - doctors must hate the internet, I feel bad for them with regards to all the times people must come in saying 'the internet says this is that and that is this and blah, blah, blah...', can you imagine people constantly equating your years of knowledge on a subject to what they googled or read on wikipedia? It must be infuriating...

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