Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is now the time?

This Saturday is the Birch Bay Ghost Marathon and I'm thinking that if I really, actually do want to try for a 3:30 marathon this year this is my last reasonable shot at it. The weekend after this both runs are 50Ks, and then on the 31st is the Last Chance Marathon but I have the First Call to Run 50K the next day... probably not the time to shot for a PR by more than 7 minutes.

I have no idea what the course is like at the BBG, I dug around (briefly) for race reports but came up with nothing. Truth be told, I have no idea whether or not I can even pull off a 3:30 but it seems like maybe I should at least try before the year is over.

I've asked another runner about possibly setting a pace for a 3:30 marathon on Saturday, I've yet to hear back but if he goes along with it I'm going to give it a shot. I have serious doubts about being able to pace myself to a 3:30 finish so if 'other runner' isn't game, I'll just go out and do my best. Either way, I'm looking forward to Saturday!

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GotLegs! said...

Nic, BB is a great course (my favorite in WA). If you like rolling hills, this is your race.

The course is an out, 2 x 10+ mile loops, and back.

I've run some pretty fast times here including a 3:02 in 2005 which was my fastest time since my PR in 1993. I think this is the best chance you have at setting a PR so good thought.

That said, the forcast for tomorrow is a bit iffy. Variables will be snow and potentially ice on the road. Stay off the painted while lines, be careful in the shade and stay on the side of the road if there is ice. The other issue will be wind. The wind will be coming from the North west and swirls in Birch Bay, so you have it for a long time. It's supposed to be windy from what I understand so that could sap your energy. Unfortunately, it will hit you in the middle of the race and on the last 6-10 miles of the race.

See you there. *tc