Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008 = ...

7 Marathons
4 50Ks
2 50 milers
1 'other' (28.4 miles)

Personal best marathon for 2008 - 3:37:40* (Michelle's Grande Ass)
Personal worst marathon for 2008 - 4:08:39 (Last Chance Marathon)

Personal best 50K for 2008 - 4:57:30* (Ghost of Seattle)
Personal worst 50K for 2008 - 5:13 (Green Lake Dizzy Daze)

(The 50 milers are COMPLETELY incomparable to one another)

'Favorite' race of 2008 - I had a great time at the Birch Bay Ghost Marathon but I think, ultimately, the White River 50 Mile, with it's awesome views and difficult course was my favorite.

Least enjoyed race of 2008 - That's a toss up between Grandma's Marathon (I'm not that big on BIG races and I had a tough day anyway) & the Last Chance Marathon (that's no reflection on the race or the folks who set it up, I would definitely run it again, I just wasn't 'feelin' it' that day).

Of the 3 goals that were set back in January of '08 to be accomplished before the end of the year, one was meet. In retrospect, that goal, to run an Ultra of some sort, was easy to meet. I didn't run a 3:30 marathon and I didn't stick to my training schedule very well (though, I sure some could/would say, had I stuck to my training better, I may have ran a 3:30 marathon...). I'm going to continue to work toward those 2 goals in '09, hopefully with more success. In addition to those two carrying over, I hope to run (and finish) my first 100K and 100 miler in 2009, and perhaps run a 24 event as well.

(* = PR)

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