Wednesday, April 11, 2007

...catch up.

Okay, so after a long weekend and a lazy Tuesday, I'm back (you can breath again).

The weekend was more-or-less nothing to talk about... a fairly quick, hilly 3 miles on Saturday followed with plenty of laziness up until last night when I headed out with the wife for about 3.5 miles. There was supposed to be a 3 on Sunday as well but after putting it off one too many times, it just didn't happen...

I guess the real story is that I went and saw the doctor on Monday regarding a sore right knee, this knee has been bothering me on and off for 7 years now. Up until this doctors visit no one has ever been able to give me a better answer than "take some anti-inflamitories"... usually if something hurts I don't worry about it, torn muscle here, cramp there, that's all part of living an active life right? Well, like I said, that's usually the way I operate, but when I considered that any real injury could potentially thwart my marathon goal and take me off the road I decided I should get it checked out. I'm actually quite happy that I did, both my nurse and doctor were incredibly nice and, as it turns out, the doc was a bit of an athlete himself having run quite a bit in college and still biking 5 days a week, because of this he had a better understanding of sports med. than most family doctors would. The doc's suspicion is that I suffer from ITBS or Iliotibial Band Syndrome, it seems the ilitoibial band on my right leg is tighter (or possibly shorter) than average and as a result it causes excessive friction between it and my knee, based on all my google findings I tend to agree with the doc. The best part is it sounds as though this can all be dealt with by dedicating a little more time to stretching before and after each run and occasionally icing up if things get real sore... or in other words, this is no major threat to my short or long term running goals..... good times!

Other than that there's one other thing I'd like to mention... on Sunday, May 20th I'll be running the "Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes" race here in Seattle, the race is an 8K and if the name didn't give it away all proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and its mission to find a cure for diabetes. If you have some spare change lying around and would like to support me in this venture please go to my fund raising site and do what ever you feel is nessicary... thanks! You can see the route below...

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