Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend & Monday

So I meant to do this yesterday but just didn't get around to it... as previously stated Friday started out with a quick (and early) 3.5 miles, Saturday was, although not meant to be, a rest day, then came Sunday.

Sunday I was invited to go use a guest pass at the local YMCA, so I ran down there (1 mile, give or take)in about 6 and a half minutes, once there I swam laps, not sure how many exactly but I can tell you it was less than I would have thought I could have. Once finished I ran back the same route I had got there, I figured 2 (collective) miles and lap swimming made up for a 3 mile run. Unfortunately, when I looked at my chart I was supposed to do a 5 miler on Sunday, 'how could I have missed that?' I thought, here I was complaining about only doing 3 milers and then I miss my scheduled long run... So when Monday afternoon rolled around I decided as opposed to take my rest day (Saturday will make up for it)I would get those 5 miles back. I made up a route while at work, got home, changed, and hit the road. The run felt good, it took me through Schmitz Park, down around Alki Point, past Emma Schmitz lookout, through the Junction, and finally back home. I felt a little tension through my left knee during the run but nothing to slow me down, after the run is another story entirely though... The knee remains sore at this point and I'm not too thrilled about it, I'm looking into some other recommended treatments but for the time being, I'm just sore. Never-the-less, I still was able to finally get in more than the standard 3 miles which made me happy, plus average a 7:30 minute mile, also good stuff, tonight calls for another 3 (arrg) but as I said, the knee may be an issue we'll see though, part of me is just saying power through it the other part is trying to be more logical.. we'll see which parts wins out.

(By the way, I'm well aware of how poorly written this post is)

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Preston said...

If you want you can take some of my miles. I ran 3.39 miles yesterday. Nothing like running in the desert, ah the dirt in the air is so refreshing :)