Friday, April 13, 2007


Again, not much to report today (Mmmm... I'm sensing a trend...), thought there has been one change in my training and that is that I woke up 45 minutes early today and got my run out of the way. It was another typical route (the problem with being stuck at 3 miles for the time being), up 46th/47th, through the Admiral district, and back again. I must say, if it weren't for the whole climbing out of bed thing, I LOVE morning runs as opposed to afternoon, every thing's very still and calm, it makes me able to focus on my running, breathing, etc., etc. Plus, I felt fresh, I could easily tell that I was moving faster than usual... I forgot to scribble down my time prior to leaving the house, but I know the minutes portion was 25, so even if I ran a 25:59 that's still a 7:13 minute mile (I'm inclined to believe that the time was more like 25:32, based on my quick glance as I finished, but I can't recall... I'll update this once I know off hand...)... so yeah, I was pleased.

Anyhoo, everybody have a good weekend!

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