Thursday, May 17, 2007

To reprise a statement from my last post... I had a large dinner that was still with me when I hit the streets around 9pm, I thought it was gonna slow me down.... it did.

I should clarify though, I had a large, greasy dinner and a couple of brews too, then I went home watered the (lack of) grass, stretched, and finally had at it...

5 miles (4.85 to be precise), through Schmitz Park, around Alki point, onto Beach Drive, past Emma Schmitz lookout, up that god forsaken hill (that climbs 150ft. in elevation in little more than 1/3 of a mile), and finally back home. The result? 37:06 minutes (7:38 minutes/mile)... I guess it felt slower than that, but that's little consolation... I'm gonna file this one away in the "greasy sandwiches & beer do not equal good running fuel" portion of my brain and not worry about it (I will, however, worry about the fact that I've been invited out for pizza & beer tonight and still have a 4 miler to take care of)...

...after tonight I have 3 miles scheduled for Saturday and 7 for Sunday but there's a problem... Sunday is also the "Beat the Bridge 8k" (feel free to donate ;-), so then the question is do I...

...skip Saturday for the extra rest, then go out and race my hardest come Sunday? my 3 on Saturday, then run hard on Sunday?
...skip Saturday, run hard Sunday, then after the race tack on another 2 miles post race?
...or any other variation of the above (including but not limited to... skip Saturday/run Saturday? Race hard/race easy/don't race at all just run? Add 2 miles post race/don't?)

Arrg... you see why this is perplexing?

(because you deserve something to look at with out clicking a link) Here's the "Beat the Bridge" route...

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