Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I ran to work today... that was pretty fun... it was like an urban safari... in the process I got to run over the Duwamish river, along the Puget Sound, along Lake Union, and over Portage Bay (how cool is that?) I even spent a brief amount of the time on an island... Harbor Island to be exact (which, as I just found out, used to be the largest man made island in the world... crazy huh?).

Here's the route I ran.

I'm not going to consider this bragging since no one reads this any way, but, umm.... I've run 30 miles in the last 4 days... I know that's not much to some (like those crazy Ultra runners), but I'm pretty stoked about it... plus I still have another 10 miles to run this week (6 tomorrow and 4 on Saturday).


Jonathan S. said...

Quit bragging, ya' bum.

Nic said..., someone does check this thing out.... I'm truly surprised... I guess now we'll have to see if you still will once you go back to work (your still takin' time off right?)