Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No really... still here...

This post may feel a little forced so just bear with me (had to look that one up sadly).

Tuesday night consisted of an hours worth of running through my old friend Schmitz Park, I managed to push a little harder and squeeze out an extra lap. I felt good through out the run though today my IT band is a wee bit sore, nothing a little stretching shouldn't take care of. I did note, however, how different my left and right legs seem to work especially on up hill portions of the trail. I've known for quite a while that I tend to push off more with my right than my left but now I'm starting to notice that I also seem to angle my right foot out further. Also, it seems that when going up hill I tend to land on the front ball of my foot whereas my right foot strikes mid foot. I really had to focus on my form to stop this from happening and when I did it all felt very unnatural. I am curious how all this might be effecting (causing?) my minor ITBS and more significant sciatic issues but, to be honest, I don't see my self continuously working on my form.

On a different note, I'm less than one month out from the Green River Marathon. I am excited, though there is a part of me that's not looking forward to returning to street running, at this point though, any long distance race is looking good (especially a free and friendly one).

As far as other future races go, (as previously mentioned)I've been taking a serious look at the Where's Waldo 100K ever since reading a message board that referred to it as a 'mini 100 mile' I know that sounds funny but in the post's context it made sense. I've been thinking for quite a while that I need to start working in a lot more long running with large elevation gain if I have any intentions of running a (relatively) local 100 miler next year. I've also been looking to do a 100K or 12 hour (really anything over or equal to 50 miles) ever since finishing Mt. Si, and it sounds like 'Waldo' is a beautiful course which makes it extra intriguing. The reality is that, once again, the race of my fancy will not come cheap, but there's a chance this could happen... of course I've read recently that the race is almost full so I'd better figure this out soon.

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