Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From Here to Eternity (or, rather, from now 'til February)

Please, feel free to offer any input you may have. Thanks.

Also, if you missed the title's reference bust out your library card or get on your Netflix cue and find out what you're missing : From Here To Eternity

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Jon said...

Your plan looks pretty good mileage wise. You already know about running the first race conservatively before the second one the next day, so I won't get into that.

Although I haven't ran Capital Peaks or the Tiger Dumbass, I've been told that Capital has pretty hard climbs (with mud!). Tiger DumbAss has about the same elevation as 12 Summits but is very different since you're basically going up and down constantly, so there are no real solid runable sections (expect fried quads).

Pigtails FlatAss you should be familiar with since it uses some of the same trail you did your first 50k on. Pigtails Run is just loops around Lake Youngs in Renton (should be really easy for you). Van and her husband Ken are really kickass when it comes to the aid (hot chicken noodle soup - yum!)

Last Chance Marathon - Very nice course. One big hill to connect to the gravel covered Interurban Trail and some easy elevation changes, but otherwise flat. Road shoes are good, but trail shoes will give you more grip when you get on the gravel. (Bonus: Some of the trail is shared with the Chuckanut 50k and you run past the Chuckanut start/finish - a good thought to a future run for March and another kickass pic taken by Glenn T.)

I've done one loop of the Western WA FatAss and it was very fun. (Would have done two, but I ran out of time and had to get back to work.) Good climbing and ALOT of downhill towards the end of the loop), but expect snow on the ground with mud/wetness. Make sure you got a change of warm clothes & shoes in the car with a blanket or you'll freeze!

Bridal Trails - Although it was hard for me as my second ultra, it shouldn't be too bad for you with your conditioning. Good rolling hills with runable sections and some technical spots. Expect mud and horsecrap. If the conditions are icy, expect frozen horseshoe prints on the ground to turn your ankle every 5 minutes. A good flashlight and headlamp are very critical here. Also expect to mildly hallucinate due to the freaky darkness. (Monte thought Bigfoot was chasing him last year).

And Lord Hill...*sigh* Rolling hills. Streams that have melting snow. Some good technical spots with chunky rocks. And one monsterous hill that will eat you up when you go up it two more times after you finish your first loop on the course.

Man, outside of the Seattle Ghost, the Flat Ass, and the YT50K - you're doing some serious climbs! Your quads will be so freakin' beefy by the time you finish!