Monday, October 06, 2008


So, jumping into scheduled training is strange, clearly I've done it before, but not since preparing for the 2007 Seattle Marathon. The first week went as scheduled, but the second (this past week) not so much. It doesn't feel like a big deal (right now) but I know that if I allow myself to keep missing runs I'll regret it later...

Anyway, on Sunday, my wife and I headed out to Tiger Mountain (yes, again... I really enjoy it out there okay?) along with Lola the Pug. I headed out for the 10 mile, 3 summits loop (as described in "50 Trail Runs in Washington" by Cheri Pompeo) while my wife and the dog enjoyed a more relaxed pace on the Around the Lake Trail and parts of the Power Line Trail.

I headed up Nook & Section Line making fairly good time, reaching West Summit #3 in 45 minutes, #2 in 51 minutes, and #1 in 1 hour and some odd seconds. Everything went smoothly with no issues to speak of. The descent down Poo Top, One View, and the remaining trials went equally as well. The entire route took almost 2 hours on the dot (literally seconds over).

That route has to be my favorite training run, some day I'd like to extend it to the full 12 summits, or at least double loop the 3 summits course, but that'll have to wait for another (better planned) day. Post run included meandering through Issaquah Salmon Days, eating hand dipped corn dogs (so good),heading back to Seattle for a haircut, and finally home by 5:30pm or so... not to shabby for a 'lazy' Sunday.

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