Wednesday, September 10, 2008


...sheesh... this just keeps happening (and I realize it 's no one's fault - at least no one involved in the races).

I got an email this morning telling me Autumn Leaves will either be canceled or re-scheduled sometime in November... I was looking forward to notching another 50 miler under my belt... plus now my wife and I will be spending a weekend in Newberg, OR (where? exactly!) in a nonrefundable hotel room... sure a weekend away is great but there are other places I could have thought to have gone than Newberg... oh well... like I said... no one's fault (except the stupid Oregon Park Dept.)...

I working on something to make this all better though ;-)

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Jon said...

Rough deal with the non-refundable hotel in the middle of nowhere!

BTW, I saw Monte at the grocery store yesterday and he said that you were looking to carpool for Baker Lake, yeah? I'm waiting to hear back from Shawn about volunteering there, so if she's cool with me helping out - I can technically give you a lift to and fro.