Tuesday, September 16, 2008

(Pretty Much) Going For It

So for all the times I've brought up this little '13 in 12' idea it would seem I'm actually going to go for it, the one stipulation is I have to be trying my hardest to carpool to at least a few of these races, especially the further out of town races (see: Bellingham, Olympia, & Snohomish). My wife & I are a one car family (and happy about that) which means it's absurd for me to think I could/should dominate the vehicle use for that length of time. Having said all that, here's the list as it stands right now...

Wishbone Marathon - 11/28
Ghost of Seattle 50K - 11/29
Seattle Marathon - 11/30
Ghost of Birch Bay Marathon - 12/13
Pigtails Flat Ass 50K - 12/20
Dumb Ass 50K - 12/21
Last Chance Marathon - 12/31
Western Washingotn Fat Ass 50K - 1/3
Bridal Trails 50K - 1/10
Capitol Peaks (34 Mile) 1/17
Pigtails Run 50K - 1/24
Yours Truly 50K - 1/25
Lord Hill 50K - 2/1

...a few of these still have unconfirm dates, but from what I've gathered from various race directors, these races will be happening. I'm fairly confident I'll be completely scheduled by Oct. 15th, right now I'm tryig to avoid registering for Seattle due to it's steep price tag, hoping something else (cheaper) will come up in the 79 day window, but if by Oct 15th nothing has, I will pay my Seattle registration (Oct. 15th is the last day to register at the $90 price, then it jumps to $100).

Even if I'm unable to put it all together, the end of Nov. though the beginning of Feb. looks to be on hell of a run (pardon the pun), and really, in the end, the 7 stars would be cool, but if it doesn't happen I'll survive, in the end it's more about the races them self than the stats (really).

I'm very excited about all this!

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Cindy said...

Damn, you're a veritable racehorse! Impressive.