Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doppler 50K

(What could be more inviting?)

Alright, so here's the thing, I do my best to live with in my means, but there are a few things that, once I have a taste for them, I want in excessive excess (yep, that much), that list includes, breakfast, La Conner IPA, and miles. Since late July I've been treated to two 100 mile races, a 50 miler, and a 12 hour race (not to mention many an Eggs Benedict and a case of IPA), satiated I should be, but no. So, despite my excitement to run new trails, a week ago 50K was looking just too short.

(The brave few receive their instructions)

On Sunday, I woke up dark and early, prepared and got dressed, kissed the wife goodbye, and was out the door to carpool with fellow West Satellite Mike. We arrived at the Green Mountain trail head in Bremerton with a half hour or so to spare, the perfect amount of time to say some hellos, decide what clothing options to go with, and get briefed by the RD. Despite the pouring rain on the way to the race, by the time we began it had been reduced to a lite drizzle which soon disappeared all together .

(Eric & I, early on, thrilled to be surrounded by woods and snow!)

We were warned prior to starting that it would be best to just run through the puddles as opposed to attempting to avoiding them, this was shown to be good advice early on. After a few puddles which were able to be hopped across or skirted around the 'unavoidables' began to show them selves, the beauty of this of course is that once you go through one, you're already as wet as you can get, which really ends up being a liberating realization, to the point that they become enjoyable!

(Misty Mountain High? Sure, why not?)

About 2/3rds of the course was run along trails with the other 1/3rd on forest service dirt roads, as much as I would have loved 100% trails, the roads were bearable and even provided some scenic views of the Olympic mountains, the Puget sound, and Bremerton below, that, coupled with a light blanket of snow provided for one very enjoyable course!

(Trail? Nope. Stream? Nope. "Unavoidable!" is the proper term!)

The entire run Eric Barnes & I stuck together, and for quite some time we were in good position to come in tied for 3rd (granted there were, at most, 20 other runners), that is until we managed to take a wrong turn and add about an extra mile and a half to 2 miles... oh well, bonus fun/extra credit!

(The Olympics and some blue sky make a guest appearance.)

By the finish, we had been on the course for about 6 hours & 46 minutes, and though, sure, I would loved to have played in the woods for another 20 or so miles, I ended up having a wonderful time and very much hope that this run appears on the calendar for years to come.

(Sorry for the fragmented report, but that's what I'm willing to write right now.)

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