Thursday, January 07, 2010

2009 = ...

3 Marathons
8 50Ks
2 50 milers
2 100 milers
1 'other' (12 Hour Race, 48.25 miles)

Personal best marathon for 2009 - 3:29:39* (Green River Marathon)
Personal worst marathon for 2009 - 4:36** (Michelle's Grand Ass)

Personal best 50K for 2009 - 4:44* (Pigtail's Run)
Personal worst 50K for 2008 - 6:46:23** (Doppler 50K)

(The 50 milers are COMPLETELY incomparable to one another)

'Favorite' race of 2009 -
Yeesh... I have a great selection to choose from this past year... I promise I'll pick one but let me first say that I really enjoyed all of the following: Bridle Trails 50K, Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass 50K, The White River 50 Mile, STORMY, Hundred in the Hood, Carkeek 12 Hour, and the Doppler 50K. Now, if you're paying attention, you may noticed that all of the fore mentioned involved trail portions, if not entirely, and that's no coincidence. From that list, it's really hard for me to choose, after all, STORMY was my first 100 miler, so that counts for something, having said that I enjoyed Hundred in the Hood even more, White River was once again wonderful, while Cap. Peak, Carkeek, & Doppler were all great in their community feel. In the end I think Bridle Trails edges the rest out, it was the first time I had ran in conditions that sloppy and I had a great time! Doppler gave me plenty of muck too, and it comes in a close 2nd, but it doesn't hold the distinction of being first, thus, Bridle Trails was my favorite race of 2009.

Least enjoyed race of 2009 -
This is easy, Valentine Marathon, no question, I should note that I had great company while running and that does not factor into my choice. I never really properly blogged about the race, one reason was that I really didn't have much good to say about it and I was concerned that bad mouthing the race may some how look bad on my part, now that almost a year has past I can say with out hesitation that I will *never* run another Bob Green Marathon (or holiday marathon, or Kristina Salazar marathon, or whatever else they want to call themselves). The list of reasons why I was unhappy with this race is so long i don't think I have the patience or time to list them all, but here are a few of the highlites (lowlites): it was relatively expensive for a course that was not closed off - the 'official' time keepers were 2 12 year old kids who, guess what, had no interest in actually recording times and acted accordingly - when told that they had ran out of shirts I was offered either a shirt latter or $5 back, I said the $5 would be fine, despite numerous emails I have yet to receive the refund let alone a second response (ie: 'yeah, I'll send you $5, what's your address?' / address sent / no response / 'ummm.. I have yet to receive anything...' / no response / '...seriously, can I have my $5?...' / no response), 3 emails were sent, I have since given up, out of principle though I now tell everyone I can not to run those damn races. (I'm sad I even deadicated this much time to rehashing it.)

Next up: Bridle Trails 2010 (this weekend)!!!

* = PR
** = Personal Worst

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