Monday, June 07, 2010

I'm a *really* lazy blogger (AKA: Yeesh, my third blog post all year and it's June already...)

Since Lord Hill, the schedule has panned out just as I thought it would...

Tacoma City Marathon
5/2/10 - 3:51:21 - 119th out of 391 finishers
I stayed out quite late the night before celebrating a buddy's birthday and had *really* fallen behind on training prior to this race, so all things considered, I was actually pretty happy with my time. Andre (MM# 764) & I car pooled down together and ran a good chunk of the race together as well.

Watershed Preserve 12 Hour

5/15/10 - 59.13 miles in 11:21:20 - 16th out of 106 finishers
I really enjoyed this race for a lot of different reasons. First off, I got to play on the trails and get a pretty descent amount of miles in (I should have done more in those remaining 39 minutes, but there's always next year). I got in about 50K or so running with various familiar faces, including Eric (MM# 153) & Steve (MM# 510) who are always a blast, then, was joined by Andre who agreed to come out and pace me for the rest of the day, which was great from a motivational stand point. Second, I got to witness a bunch of first - I saw Betsy (MM# 1077) & Matt (MM# 1078) complete 50 miles for the first time, saw Morrie & Zale run their first ultras (31.2 miles!) when their previous distance PRs had been 25K (amazing jump!), and I saw Susan set a distance PR of 19.73 miles despite an early morning pet emergency that kept her from starting 'til noon-ish. To top it off, photographer extraordinaire, Glenn Tachiyama was out there to document the day for us! Check out a few (or all) of his pics from the day...

First Call Spring Run Off Half Marathon
5/22/10 - 2:26:58 - 29th out of 42 finishers
HALF Marathon?!? What the hell was I doing running a half, you may ask. Well, easy answer, this was my buddy Jason's first half marathon, in fact I believe it was his longest run over 5K, so I agreed to run it with him, which was pretty great. The two of us, Morrie, and Susan all car pooled down together. Jason impressed by running the entire distance with out a walk, break, or stop of any sort - congrats Jason! Well done! (When's the next one?)

Green River Marathon
6/5/10 - 3:42:40 - 19th out of 149 finishers
This is a great race that I've done the last 3 years now, which finishes just a few miles from my house. Last year I ran this race on the heels of some damn awful news, this year's race feel a year to the day of that news, so to commemorate (for lack of better word) the day occasion I busted out the same cotton T-shirt I wore last year. I didn't run as fast this year, but I am still quite happy with my time, and enjoyed the race once again.

Photo's of the event by Robcat Keller (please respect his copyright)

Up next is definitely the Vashon Island 50K on 6/26 & possibly The Ghost of Bellevue Marathon the next day to celebrate my birthday (thou' the Ghost is still up in the air, as I will have my parents in town visiting from MN). Besides that, Plain 100 is still the big plan of my up coming races, but I'll be sure to fill in the months in between, and hopefully soon...

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