Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am a lazy blogger (AKA: 2010 so far)

Bridle Trails 50K
1/9/10 - 5:40:32 - 46th out of 70 finishers
Slower than last year (no surprise there), but I still had a great time!

Capitol Peaks Mega Fat Ass

1/16/10 - 6:42 - 32nd out of 38 finishers
I got VERY lost toward the end of the race and I had already been going fairly slow, never the less I still enjoyed being out on the trails!

Lord Hill 50K

3/7/10 - 6:26:32 - 4th out of 21 finishers
Got just a wee bit lost in the beginning adding about a mile extra (but so did Shawna the over all winner, so no excuse there). Ran fairly well on the downs, was a bit slow on the ups, and was too slow on the flats of the final loop, but over all I'm happy with the finish. Again, it was on trails, so really how bad could it of been!

My upcoming schedule is still being worked out but as I can see it right now, I have no scheduled events for April. In May I have the Tacoma City Marathon on the 2nd, effectively ending a 7 month long hiatus from long distance road running (sad), and the Redmond Watershed Preserve 12 Hour on the 15th. In June I may once again do the Green River Marathon on the 5th with a firm plan of running the Vashon Island Ultra on the 26th. From there forward things are still up in the air, with the only real solid plan being Plain in September.

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