Thursday, February 14, 2008

...arrggg... I've got a horrendous blister on my right arch that's been there since sunday's run, up until this point I've been waiting for it to 'take care of itself' but I realized after my run last night (details to follow) that it just wasn't gonna happen. Normally I not one to get blisters that last for more than a day or so but this bastard is different, so after soaking it (to loosen up the skin) I sterilized a scissor and had at it, I soon discovered that I wasn't draining a blister but a blister on top a blister on top a blister... no joke... never the less, I carved a small divot into my foot, smeared some neosporin on it, covered it with a large band aid, and then put some mole skin around that. I think I've done what I can for it and will probably not get another run in 'til Saturday, but there in lies the problem... I'd like to go run a very long distance right now... my post from 2 days ago was no exaggeration, I am craving a long run, I thought Sunday's 16.5 would cover it but instead it just sorta provoked the urge. Next Sunday can not come fast enough...

Anyways, enough bitching... last night I snuck in a quick 7.7 miles prior to dinner. I headed out the door and instantly my legs felt like logs, I plodded along trying to focus on my breathing and form while ignoring my blister pain and (what I thought was a) lack of speed. I never really felt like I fell into a rhythm and kept thinking that I could shorten my planned route by doing various things but something in my mind insisted I do what I went out there to do. Alki seemed endless, Beach Dr. was a bit better but not much, and then there was that god damn hill. Once I finally got home I was smoked, happy I did the distance, but still smoked all the same, then I looked at my time.... 1:00:47... 'wait, what? Really? No, I just can't think straight, my math must be off...' nope, my math wasn't off... I was running below an 8 minute mile! A 7:54 min/mile to be precise! (Here's the route)

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