Friday, February 01, 2008

Thursday Evening

Yesterday was not designed for running, at least not in West Seattle. I headed out the door at about 4:30pm with plans of getting in some distance while deviating from any of my standard routes, I figured I would play it by ear and see where it took me. I headed north on 46th Ave SW then cut up to California Ave and wiggled my way back toward Fairmount Ave which is a great sort of hidden away road that leads straight down to Harbor Ave. Once I was water front I continued around the peninsula on to Alki Ave then to Beach Drive. The wind whipped and the air was cool along Alki coming at me headlong in 25mph gust, I figured it could only be bad while running into while looking forward to me reprieve as I ran along Beach Drive. When I turned the corner to head south on Beach Drive it was no better, the wind blew so hard on my right, coming from the west, I thought my hat might blow off. Eventually the wind was subdued by buildings on my right but that's when the rain really picked up... still had 3 and a half miles to go... mostly uphill...

Here's the route.

...all that said, I still enjoyed my run, I was able to get 9.5 good miles out of it and, I was pleased to see that despite the god awful wind, I was still running at a 8:11 minute/mile pace.

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