Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After reading this blog posting from iRunFar it's finally dawned on me just how difficult it is to get into Western States. (I mean, I knew already, but...) Last year first time entrants had a 16% chance of getting into this years race and this years lottery will undoubtedly be even more cluttered with hopefuls (including myself, if all goes as planned). This 'realization' means 2 things for me, one, I'll need any help I can get in order to run WS100 on my 28th birthday, two, I have to consider that I won't get in and thus, need to consider what other 100 milers I'd be interested in running instead.

There is one way to increase my chances of getting into WS100, and that's the raffle. Raffle tickets are sold at $5 each (or $4 each for 10 or more) with 2 contestants being selected to win an automatic entry to the 2009 event. The raffle just happens to take place this year on June 27th (my birthday) and tickets must be purchased by June 24th. So how many raffle tickets am I going to buy? Glad you asked, as of right now, none, however that could change if I happen to stubble into some money in the near future... (this is really shameless) you might have noticed a new feature on the right of the screen with a handy dandy button the reads "donate," if any money happens to find it's way into that paypal account it'll be used by me to purchase WS100 raffle tickets.

As for choosing a different 100 miler if I should not be accepted, well, that's tough. Based on Stan Jensen's Run 100s page, there are 49 100 milers in north america, of those 49, a few are already out, for instance to run the Plain 100 you must have already completed a 100 mile trail run (no dice for me) and the Hardrock Hundred is a "post-graduate" run (ie: strict entry requirments). So what options do I have, well here's my short list...
  • Cascade Crest 100 Pros - close to home, course sounds great /// Cons - limited to first 100
  • Superior Sawtooth Pros - can double as a visit to my parents, beautiful area /// Cons - I've been there before, expensive plane ticket
  • The Bear 100 Pros - (sorta) close(r) to home, again, the course sounds nice /// Cons - only 'sorta' close
  • Leadville 100 Pros - could see CO and the rockies, course (beautiful) /// Cons - course (difficult), plane ticket
  • Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Pros - looks amazing /// Cons - plane ticket
  • H.U.R.T. 100 Pros - Hawaii (I've never been), my wife could visit her cousin /// Cons - expensive tickets and stay
Beyond all that, tonight's an hour run but not like all the rest, tonight my buddy/nemesis/co-captain of Team Neato, Jason will be joining me in my hour of loopiness, so that should be fun. Plus, it's raining, so hopefully we'll get some good mud and get good and filthy!

(And just in case you forgot... LESS THAN 4 DAYS 'TIL GREEN LAKE!!!)

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