Monday, March 17, 2008 I've been a wee bit sick this past week or so, nothing bad, just an irritating sore throat, when Saturday rolled around I decided to do something about it, I ran. I ran the same route I've been running in Schmitz Park, except I did it counter clock wise (a first). I ran around that loop for an hour and ten minutes, and it felt great. The trail was slippery and muddy, I was a mess when I finished but I loved every minute of it, I would have gone for another hour if real life had not been calling.

Sunday I did the Big Climb as planned. I was pleased that it seemed significantly easier than in years past, I know why it felt easier, (ie: I'm in better shape) but still, I was surprised. I also finished quite positive that I had beat my time from last year, I didn't find out until this morning though that I had crushed my time from last year. I finished in 11:04.30 (last years time was 12:23).

Tonight is an off night and tomorrow is back to the trail...

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