Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final 3 (and some other yammerings)

...(slowly) everything is falling into place. On Monday I noticed the Bridle Trails 50K had been officially scheduled leaving only 3 more races from the purposed '13 in 12' plan unscheduled. Though, I admit, I'll feel more at ease once I can say I'm officially registered for all 13 races, I'm by no means, not excited about the 10 already planned for.

10, as in, '1 more than 9.'
9 as is 'the number of marathons/ultras I completed thus far.'

How could I not be excited? Beyond the sheer number of races, these are my kind of races (excluding Seattle), small and friendly, and there are lots of trials to be had over the course of those 12 weeks as well. I'm pumped to check out Capitol Peaks, Crescent Forest, and Bridle Trails, and thrilled about the 12,000 ft of total elevation gain out at the 'Dumb Ass.'

I think I need to add a special little commentary regarding 'Dumb Ass'... this race is going to be awesome and horrible all at the same time, I mean, how couldn't it be? It'll be awesome because of how horrible it'll be... I love that stretch of trail but I bet my love will turn to loathing by the 3rd lap or so. 12,000 ft. of elevation? Are you kidding me? Awesome, awesome, awesome! White River only (ha!) had 8,900ft. of gain... hell Stormy has 12,000ft of elevation gain over 100 miles... A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

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robtherunner said...


I think what you forgot to mention is that the Dumb Ass is even harder when you run a 50k the day before. I am glad to see others taking up that challenge. It will be a brutal one. I think more difficult than the triple.