Monday, October 13, 2008

Triple Plans/Start of 13 in 12/100 Mile Plans

It's not news, and it's not unexpected, but now, no matter what happens with the 13 in 12 plan, the 1st three are booked. The big one of the three, being Seattle, was paid for on Friday, and previously unnamed race on 11/28 is now also official and I'm on the list of confirmed runners, the race will be called the Wishbone Run.

What's fun is the way I view running these 3 races in 3 days, it's the same way I saw running up 69 flights of stairs prior to March of '06, the same way I saw running 26.2 miles prior to Nov. '07, the same way I saw running 50K prior to Feb. of this year, and the same way I saw running 50 miles prior to April of this year... it's a hard outlook to explain... there's a certain awe involved, a certain amount of stupidity to it (in the best sense of the word), just a wee bit of apprehension, and a whole lot of anticipation.


(While I'm posting I may as well mention this...) I intend to sign up and run the S.T.O.R.M.Y. 100 mile on 8/7/09 up in Vancouver, B.C. Stormy's not the toughest 100 miler you've ever heard of, in fact it appears it'll be significantly easier than (say) Cascade Crest, but that's part of the appeal. I see no reason for me to try and run one of the hardest 100 milers right off the bat, I may as well work my way up. Having said that, this is by no means the easiest 100 either, there's still a total of 12,000 ft. of elevation gain to deal with (just a little more than half of Cascade Crest), the majority of the course is run on trails, and, oh yeah, it's still 100 miles.

Registration probably won't open until early next year, but plans are already being made and a training schedule is already in place... and I'm already excited!

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Jon said...

Definately pick Gilles Barbeau's brain about STORMY on the Maniac boards. Since he's in British Columbia, Canada and has done tons of 100 milers, I know he's ran that thing several times and has completed it every time.